Marketstand Presentation Guidelines




  • Every member of your Market Stand staff must play a role in the presentation, whether it be constructing a slide, preparing a sample product, preparing a sample advertisement, or being the presenter
  • Remember who your audience is.  This is ALWAYS important when putting together an effective persuasive presentation
  • Look and act professional
  • Your presentation must include the following:
    • Your business vision and goals. Example: an education in economics for the younger children
    • A detailed description of your product(s).  Photos must be included
    • Your target market. Example: 3-6, 6-9.  Remember, your audience may not be familiar with the Montessori classroom framework.  Clarify the age groups.  Consider saying 4th-6th grade
    • Your marketing strategy.  This must be clear.  How do you intend to market so many different products?  When will you start advertising each product?  Will the public know about them all at once?  Will certain products be released before/after others?  Remember, a great idea needs a great plan! (Miss Dubz original quote)
    • Your competition
    • Your operating procedures and personnel
    • Your anticipated costs and profits
    • A sample advertisement
    • A customer testimony regarding their interest in your product
    • 2 presenters
    • Length: 5-10 minutes


***Remember…your loan providers do not have to give you the money…show them why they should***

Add the following information to your product presentation:

  • A detailed loan breakdown.  Here you must include:
    • The amount you are asking for and a visual breakdown of how you intend to spend the money (use a chart, graph, and/or spreadsheet)
    • A Balance Sheet. How are you going to keep track of the money you make and spend?
    • A Break-Even Analysis. How much money do you need to make in order to break even?
    • A Profit-Loss Statement. How are you going to figure out if you made or lost money?
    • Timeline to Profit.  Show us how long it will take until you make a profit!
  • A prototype (aka a sample of at least one of your products)



  • 7th graders: Sandwich Shoppe Shark Tank
  • 8th graders: MB Financial Shark Tank
  • Bankers/General Managers will arrive and take their seats
  • Presenters will deliver the Loan Presentation
  • Bankers/General Managers will take notes during presentation
  • Bankers/General Managers will conduct a Q & A where they will ask for clarification, express concern, offer advice, etc.  During the Q & A segment, each member of your team will have to answer a question (not just the presenters).  This is why it is extremely important all members are familiar with the presentation – no weak links in the market chain (there is a pun in there).
  • Bankers/General Managers will leave and write-up a loan contract.  This contract will be emailed to the project directors
  • Your Marketstand team must review the contract and consider negotiations
  • Once your team is in agreement regarding the loan offered by the bankers, your team must contact the bankers with your final thoughts
  • If your Marketstand team and the bankers reach an agreement, your team must make arrangements for the bankers to return with the loan