Junior High Community Trips: City/Local

Every Friday, students have the opportunity to participate in afternoon city trips, commonly referred to as “Flex Fridays.”

These trips are student-directed and provide students with weekly opportunities to independently experience the city as a classroom and all the learning opportunities therein.

SY 2012 Flex Friday: Baklava – Amandes

SY 2012 Flex Friday: Ice Skating – All Level

SY 2012 Flex Friday: Lyric Opera – Mosher

SY 2012 Flex Friday: River Walk – Amandes

SY 2012 Flex Friday: River Walk – Mosher

SY 2011 March Flex Friday: Lincoln Park Zoo

SY 2011 December Flex Friday: Ice Skating

SY 2011 November Flex Friday: Marzipan

SY 2011 October Flex Friday: Growing Home