Sandwich Shoppe is a student owned and operated farm to table lunch business servicing the entire school.  Lunch is made to order the day the order is placed, and all components of operating the business are managed by the students.  Sandwich Shoppe opens up for business with $1500 of seed money from the prior year’s earnings.  At the end of the school year, all profits are reinvested in the Junior High Microeconomy, or donated to local organizations that students have formed relationships with through the Microeconomy.  Over the past few years, students have made an effort to make Sandwich Shoppe an eco-friendly, healthy, and sustainable food business.  Click here to visit our student-managed Sandwich Shoppe website.

Sandwich Shoppe sources from our student-managed school farm – the Farmessori.    While managing Sandwich Shoppe, students are responsible for planning and planting the Farmessori harvest, gathering produce when available, designing the menu around the harvest, and taking care of the chickens and bees.  More information available on the NNMS website.